Microblading Near Me!

Microblading has been on your mind, maybe even permanent eyeliner and permanent lips too! Well, you are not alone. Everyone is doing it, and here is why!

Its life changing, IF you can find the right permanent artist near you! Make sure to check portfolios, of fresh work and healed work. l always tell my clients, "healed is what you wear!" 

Once you have decided on your artist, let the fun begin! When you come in to Ink by Britt, all of our artists will walk you throught the whole microblading or permanent makeup process. Ensuring you are comfortable and educated on your procedure start to end. We will predraw the area you are having the tattoo on wont do anything without your approval. We want you to be happy! 

We go over aftercare as well and send every client home with healing balm, we use miel healing mmm and send you on your way with instructions.

See ya soon